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Working From Home Guidance


We are now 14 weeks into lockdown and despite the fact that things seem to be changing, many of us are still working from home. This presents unique challenges, where at work we may have had our specific desk setups and we were expected to be at our work stations all day. These are some things we have heard several people say to us in the last 14 w ...

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Weight Management in a MSK Setting


85% of physiotherapists look to address a patient’s weight when deemed appropriate, usually via advice that is focused on the importance of weight loss according to (Holden et al., 2019). With experience, these potentially tricky discussions get easier, but the provision of specific guidance is variable. This challenge compounds in cases wher ...

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Medical Scans and Musculoskeletal Pain: Interesting Facts


What is Medical Imaging? A patient with spinal pain, shoulder pain or knee pain (amongst others) may be referred for some form of investigation by their doctor or physiotherapist. This may often be in the form of a scan, otherwise known as medical imaging. This could include an MRI scan, x-ray or ultrasound, to name but three. There is often a beli ...

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Lower Back Pain- Slipped Disc?


A common injury reported is a ‘slipped disc’ or a ‘herniated disc’. But what does this represent with regards to back pain? The intervertebral discs are located between each of your spinal bones and provide protection, range of motion and shock absorption. A herniation/bulge/slipped disc is where a portion of the disc begins to push out fro ...

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Lower Back Pain Myths 4 – Lifting Posture and Movement


Pain can be experienced during movements for a multitude of reasons – muscle spasm, over activity, strain etc. but it tends to be linked to a lack of movement. When we then perform a sudden movement that our body is not used to, an over-stretch in an unfamiliar direction may initiate a muscular spasm as a protective mechanism. If we move more ...

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Lower Back Pain Myths 3 – Is Movement Causing More Damage?


“I must be causing more damage by moving my back because it hurts when I bend”. This is typically not the case. As outlined in previous blogs in the series, pain is our perception of potential damage yet what we know is that these movements such as bending aren’t dangerous despite pain/discomfort being experienced. Our spines are ...

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Lower Back Pain Myths 2 – I need a scan!…Or do you?


All too commonly patients are seeking an x-ray or MRI to help establish the cause of their symptoms, guide treatment, provide a faster recovery, reduce the costs of healthcare and may influence the outcome. This isn’t necessary as studies have shown that very rarely do scans match up with symptoms, it doesn’t benefit treatment, results tend ...

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Lower Back Pain Myths – 1


Lower back pain is very common and according to the World Confederation of Physical Therapists (WCPT), it is the number one cause of disability across the globe! But this doesn’t need to be the case. Only 1-5% of all lower back pain is attributed to serious disease or injury. However, this can leave people scratching their heads as to why exa ...

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Go Direct!


Many GP surgeries are now offering First Contact Physiotherapists which means you can see a physio direct without seeing the doctor. You can also self refer into our clinics and be seen quickly and get appropriate treatment fast. Go Direct today ...

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New Year Resolution Injury Prevention


As we welcome in the New Year, we see a large increase in physical activity due to many New Year resolutions being set to keep fit and healthy. Whilst the intentions to get fit are good, we often see this resulting in injury.   The most common injuries we see are: Muscle strains (pulled muscle) Over-use injuries (tendinitis/tendinopathy) &nb ...

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HOW TO AVOID COMMON INJURIES WHILE RIDING YOUR BIKE   Pain at the front of the knee often comes from a saddle that is too low which increases the pressure on the patella (knee cap). Pain behind the knee is most commonly created when a saddle is too high, stretching the hamstring attachments. Lateral and medial pain presents at the side of the ...

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Rhomboids Pain


RHOMBOID PAIN   Most of us have experienced that burning pain between the shoulder blades. That kind of pain which you cannot really pinpoint exactly where it is, as it travels in the shoulder blade, above, below, deeper, in your chest, in your arm, in your head etc. The most common muscle involved in this pain is the rhomboid muscle amongst ...

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Manual Therapy


Manual Therapy is a skilled passive movement demonstrated to a joint or at its surrounding soft tissue. Manual Therapy can be applied to address a range of impairments including range of motion, modulating pain, mobilizing structures, reducing edema or inflammation etc.   Techniques that can be used are mobilization, manipulation, soft tissue ...

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Cupping Therapy


Cupping In the News: It was good to see the public (Western cultures) exposed more to cupping therapy practice thanks to the recent Olympics in Rio 2016. Last Olympics in London 2012,  the Chinese and Japanese Athletes, amongst neighbouring nations, were readily seen to use and advocate the practice, along with the approval no doubt of their large ...

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Fit For Golf


Golf Participation:  Some may see golf as a somewhat sedentary sport. For many it may appear to lack significant physical challenges when considering older or younger individuals in the amateur sport. However it is worth considering some facts and figures:   The golf swing: Is complex, precise, requires good functionality of multiple joints ...

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Going on Holiday? Top Tips to Manage Pain when Flying


Whether you have a chronic pain condition or an acute injury the last thing you want when going away is to have your pain get in the way! Follow these simple steps to ensure you have the most comfortable journey!   Before you travel 1. When booking your holiday be aware of the length and the time of your flight. Note the length of the flight t ...

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Acupuncture misconceptions – Pain


Acupuncture is the medicinal method in which very fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points to treat various medical ailments. It is historically a method of Chinese medicine that has been practised for thousands of years.   Although acupuncture is widely praised and has high rates of success, many people are still cautious of ...

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Parkrun – a great, FREE, social way to keep fit


Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, completely free of charge, and are safe and easy to take part in. These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and crucially, they encourage people of every ability to take part. After a chat with a patient who takes part in Parkrun every Satur ...

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Workout at Work – Desk Based Exercise


Workout at work and get healthy! This year there has been an increased focus on the effects on health for desk based workers. Recent research has shown desk based jobs increase inactivity which can cause a variety of health problems. However just because your based at a desk doesn’t mean you cant exercise. The CSP has created some handy exerc ...

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Common misconceptions about back pain


There are many common misconceptions about back pain, some of which can prove detrimental to recovery. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) have recently started a ‘Back Pain Myth Busters’ campaign in an attempt to dispel these ‘Myths’, and all the key points made are backed up with the latest clinical trial research and evidence. 1 ...

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Whiplash, the DO’s and DON’TS! DO MOVE! Keep your neck mobile and continuing with your normal activities! DON’T BE AFRAID TO MOVE Using a neck brace or collar stops mobility of the neck and therefore this is not recommended! DO MANAGE YOUR PAIN Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen will help along with movement– stronger ...

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