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Common misconceptions about back pain!

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Common misconceptions about back pain!Common misconceptions about back pain!

There are many common misconceptions about back pain, some of which can prove detrimental to recovery.  The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) have recently started a ‘Back Pain Myth Busters’ campaign in an attempt to dispel these ‘Myths’, and all the key points made are backed up with the latest clinical trial research and evidence.


  1. ‘Moving will make my back pain worse’ – Keeping moving is essential when back pain is present, gradually increasing this with time. Many people fear bending, but activity should be encouraged.
  2. ‘I should avoid exercise’ – Research suggests continuing exercise can contribute to a quicker recovery period, and also general exercise can reduce the chance of recurrent back pain. Weight training has also been shown to have no negative effects on spinal health.
  3. ‘An MRI scan will show exactly what is wrong’ – It is very rare that this is the case. Many people WITHOUT back pain have some changes seen on MRI scan, many of which are totally natural.


For more information on these, and the research used to compile the above points, head to

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