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Golf Participation:  Some may see golf as a somewhat sedentary sport. For many it may appear to lack significant physical challenges when considering older or younger individuals in the amateur sport. However it is worth considering some facts and figures:


The golf swing:

  • Is complex, precise, requires good functionality of multiple joints and muscles.
  • Lasts 1.3 seconds.
  • 8x body weight in compressive force is delivered to Lower back/Lumbar spine.
  • 6-2 x body weight vertical ground reaction force to lead leg/side.
  • High activity of large muscle groups.
  • Everyone has a slightly different swing.



  • Majority of golf injuries cumulative onset.
  • 25% symptomatic at around 4 weeks.
  • Most common sites: Lumbar spine (15-34%).
  • Elbow (7-27%).
  • Shoulder (4-19%).


Common Faults:

  • Poor posture.
  • Poor dissociation of pelvis to lumbar spine (effects golf’s “x-factor”).
  • Reduced shoulder external rotation.
  • Flexed thoracic posture (rounded shoulders/hunch back).
  • Head down posture.
  • Poor shoulder range and resting position manifesting in lack of shoulder rotation.
  • Reduced wrist ranges of movement.
  • Tension of lats/hamstrings/calves.


As such, it is well worth considering looking at the abilities in many key basic functional tasks (squatting, lunging, lifting/ turning arms/ trunk etc. – as used by the PGA).


Also being aware of strength, length and control of individual muscles and their effects on posture, to be able to enjoy the game for as long as possible and as best possible, irrespective of handicap and perceived ability. This is where some guidance can be gained from a Physiotherapist, if required.

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