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6 exercises for strength and balance

Retired?, spending more and more time sat around?

Well…. Get up and Go!

these simple exercises can help improve co-ordination and balance.
Get on your feet and try them daily –or at least twice a week!

Heel Raises
Stand tall, holding the back of
a sturdy kitchen-type chair or
kitchen sink, then lift your heels
off the floor, taking your weight
onto your big toes. Hold for
three seconds, then lower with
control. Repeat 10 times.

Toe Raises
Stand tall holding the same
support, then raise your
toes – taking your weight on
your heels. Don’t stick your
bottom out. Hold for three
seconds, then lower with
control. Repeat 10 times

Sit to Stand
Sit tall near the front of a
chair with your feet slightly
back. Lean forwards slightly
and stand up (with hands
on the chair if needed).
Step back until your legs
touch the chair then slowly
lower yourself back into
the chair. Repeat 10 times.

Heel-Toe Stand
Stand tall, with one hand on
your support. Put one foot directly
in front of the other to make a
straight line. Look ahead, take
your hand off the support and
balance for 10 seconds. Take the
front foot back to hip width apart.
Then place the other foot in front
and balance for 10 seconds.

Heel-Toe Walking
Stand tall, with one hand on a
support like a kitchen cabinet.
Look ahead and walk 10 steps
forwards, placing one foot
directly in front of the other so
that the feet form a straight line.
Aim for a steady walking action.
Take the feet back to hip width
apart, turn around and repeat
the steps in the other direction.

One-Leg Stand
Stand close to your support and
hold it with one hand. Balance on
one leg, keeping the support knee
soft and your posture upright.
Hold the position for 10 seconds.
Repeat on the other leg.


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