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Manual Therapy is a skilled passive movement demonstrated to a joint or at its surrounding soft tissue.
Manual Therapy can be applied to address a range of impairments including range of motion, modulating pain, mobilizing structures, reducing edema or inflammation etc.


Techniques that can be used are mobilization, manipulation, soft tissue mobilisation and massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and these are only a few options that are available.
Our clinicians will decide with accurate assessment and diagnosis which technique or combination of techniques will benefit each patient, and in conjunction with the appropriate therapeutic exercise, this can help achieve the best desired effect and provide long-term relief for our patients.

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"My back is 100% better now. I can't believe how much improvement a few sessions can make. Thanks so much!!"
Laura White
"Absolutely brilliant"
Google Review December 2019
"I've never know pain like Sciatica. Following a referral made by my doctor, I was seen by a really friendly physiotherapist. I can't believe the difference in 4 sessions - Many thanks."
Miss C White
"The professionalism and knowledge shown during the treatment was great. I really felt in good hands."
Mrs Wainwright

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