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New Year Resolution Injury Prevention

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New Year Resolution Injury Prevention

As we welcome in the New Year, we see a large increase in physical activity due to many New Year resolutions being set to keep fit and healthy.

Whilst the intentions to get fit are good, we often see this resulting in injury.


The most common injuries we see are:

  • Muscle strains (pulled muscle)
  • Over-use injuries (tendinitis/tendinopathy)


Here are some Pure Physiotherapy injury prevention tips for your New Year Resolutions:


BE PATIENT – as with all things in life, we want quick results. However, our bodies do not tolerate sudden increases in high load very well. It is important to ease into new activities and progress the duration, intensity and weight gradually.

Rest – listen to your body. Rest days are important in building strength and performance. This is when your body recovers and adapts to the new stresses being placed on it.

Warm-up – warming up before engaging in physical activity will reduce the risk of injury.

AVOID “no pain no gain” – although this may be suitable for some athletes who exercise regularly, this will not be best-fit for those beginning new activities and are new to exercise.

Come in to see one of our specialist Physiotherapists – whether you already have an injury or are looking to bulletproof your body for your New Year goals, come in to see us and we can help with your success for 2019.



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