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Rhomboids Pain

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Rhomboids PainRhomboids PainRhomboids PainRhomboids PainRhomboids PainRhomboids PainRhomboids PainRhomboids Pain



Most of us have experienced that burning pain between the shoulder blades. That kind of pain which you cannot really pinpoint exactly where it is, as it travels in the shoulder blade, above, below, deeper, in your chest, in your arm, in your head etc.

The most common muscle involved in this pain is the rhomboid muscle amongst others. The Rhomboid muscle connects the spine to the medial edges of the shoulder blades and help in maintaining a good posture. If these muscles are used excessively or the opposite if they have become very weak they will create that constant burning pain.

Treatment for Rhomboid Muscle Pain

If the pain was created after a sudden movement, heavy lifting or injury then: rest, ice and painkillers or anti-inflammatory are advised for the first days and Rehab should be started after the rhomboid muscle pain has started to reduce. Gentle stretches and movements are encouraged. This will help in regaining flexibility until full recovery is achieved.

If the pain gradually started getting worse, If you have an office based job or have to use your arms to the front or above head, carrying a heavy backpack, if the pain starts by the end of the day or by the end of the working week then the underlying cause of the pain would be overuse of the rhomboid muscles or improper posture.

Bellow you will find advice and exercises on how to reduce that pain and the most important to reduce the percentages of experiencing it again.



Sitting and standing with good postural alignment will allow you to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain on your body’s ligaments and muscles. Being aware of good posture is the start and then your body will save this mechanism and it will be reproduced automatically. If your posture is not proper this means that the muscles of your upper back are constantly working and as a result they will get ‘’tired’’ and at the end they will start ‘’complaining’’ and ‘’aching’’.




  1. Self massage

massage ball is the tool to go for massaging rhomboid muscles.

  1. Strength

General strengthening of the upper back and core muscles is advised.







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