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Workout at Work – Desk Based ExerciseWorkout at Work – Desk Based ExerciseWorkout at Work – Desk Based ExerciseWorkout at Work – Desk Based ExerciseWorkout at Work – Desk Based Exercise

Workout at work and get healthy!

This year there has been an increased focus on the effects on health for desk based workers. Recent research has shown desk based jobs increase inactivity which can cause a variety of health problems.

However just because your based at a desk doesn’t mean you cant exercise. The CSP has created some handy exercise leaflets to help, and alongside its W@W campaign aimed to  promote physical and mental wellbeing in the work place will hopefully inspire employees to develop healthier working habits so sickness related absences are reduced.

The CSP says that W@W gives employers an opportunity to promote the benefits of a healthy and active workforce. The campaign also shows the difference physiotherapy can make in keeping employees fit and healthy to work.

Workout at work takes place every year. Take a look at the CSP website to learn more and bring the next W@W into your workplace.

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