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The Principles of Injury Management

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Acute (Early) Management

Treatment depends upon an accurate diagnosis from your Physiotherapist at Pure which can be done in the clinic quickly and effectively. The severity of your injury and what function or loads your injured muscle will need to cope with, will impact the length of your healing and rehabilitation process.


The first-line of self-care treatment for many injuries is in the acute phase. This can be separated into five steps commonly known as P.R.I.C.E.


  • Protection: Apply soft padding to minimise impact with objects.
  • Rest: Rest is necessary to accelerate healing and reduce the potential for re-injury.
  • Ice: Apply ice to induce vasoconstriction, which will reduce blood flow to the site of injury. Never ice for more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Compression: Wrap the strained area with a soft-wrapped bandage to reduce further swelling and promote lymphatic drainage.
  • Elevation: Raise the leg onto a foot stool for example -Keeping the strained area as close to the level of the heart as is possible. This promotes venous blood return to the heart and good for circulation for the injury and removing toxins from the area

(Javinen et al, 2010)

Physiotherapy & Recovery

Some of the principles/aims of Physiotherapy are listed below. They are employed in a graded, methodical fashion which is specific the phase of healing. Your Physiotherapist at Pure  will guide you through this process. The aims are to:

  • Reduce swelling and pain.
  • Restore smooth movement and range of motion.
  • Restore strength using a strengthening program.
  • Guidance for a safe return to sport/activity.


Manual Therapy & Acupuncture


Some interventions that may aid your course of Physiotherapy/your recovery are manual therapy and acupuncture – this includes massage, joint mobilisations and trigger point release. These can help to relieve pain and increase movement to help you to perform the exercises prescribed and carry out the rehab. This may be performed in the clinic during your appointment and then you will be prescribed a progressive home exercise program and guided through this.

Strengthening Programme Overview

Phase 1 – after approximately 3-7 days we want to begin to activate the associated muscles with the injury. This is generally done at a low level as the injury may be still very painful. This may be through static hold exercises to begin with to start strengthening the muscles as the pain allows.


Phase 2 – loading through movement – for example a hamstring dominant bridge or a hamstring curl, still at a moderately low level. This is putting resistance through a movement such as bending the knee which is one of the functions of the hamstrings for example. Over approximately 1-4 weeks the intensity can be gradually increased.


Phase 3 – more functional strengthening can now start to be incorporated such as squats and static lunges  – on your feet and replicating every day life!


Phase 4 – explosive muscle strength and activity specific. Our physiotherapist at Pure Physiotherapy will cater this to your lifestyle. We want to replicate you’re the loads your injured area experience in your every day life. If you’re a runner for example this is when we want to introduce jumping and bounding movements before we return to this activity.


Phase 5– graded return to activity, if you are unfortunate enough to be off work for 1-2 weeks we perhaps want to think about what tasks you’re doing and introduce them gradually to not overload the injury. Once we have gone through the basic principles of your sport like running, changing direction in your rehab, its possible we can think about returning to a training session and eventually getting you back into game play!

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