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Sports Injury Physiotherapy

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Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Our Experience & Skills

At Pure Physiotherapy we have staff who between them, possess years of experience at all levels of sport from amateur to the elite environment. This expert knowledge can be utilised to provide you with a fast and accurate diagnosis.


To do so, your Physio at Pure will take a history of the injury, including how it happened and where the pain was experienced on the body, followed by a full physical examination. Upon educating you about your sports injury, your clinician will give you guidance on the management to assist in complimenting your body’s healing ability alongside hands on treatment techniques to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

Managing your Injury

By receiving an accurate diagnosis during your initial assessment at Pure Physiotherapy, you will have a clearer idea of the rehabilitation process and a realistic and pragmatic estimation of the timeline for recovery and return to your pre-injury performance level. Being given insight on the expected progress throughout the course of your recovery, you will have goals to work towards, a clear plan for your rehab and a way to measure progress.


Through understanding the level of performance you participate in and what movements/actions are involved in your physical activity or sport, our clinicians at Pure can design a tailored rehabilitation and exercise program to progress through. Your package for recovery will include self-management tips to reduce discomfort and compliment the healing process, exercises to achieve full range of motion and remove swelling and a strength & conditioning program to work towards full participation and performance.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

At Pure Physiotherapy, not only will we help you get back to full performance in your sport, we will also endeavor to achieve a condition greater than how you were prior to sustaining your injury. We will discuss areas of weakness and imbalance which may be factors which could have predisposed you to injuring specific structures in the body. With this knowledge, your Physio at Pure can also recommend warm up drills and exercises which can help reduce the risk of re-injury and address risk factors for other potential issues. This is known as prehabilitation which forms a key aspect of your recovery journey.


Rehabilitation from a sports injury requires a lot of hard work and consistency as your body will have to become robust enough to sustain your performance and not break down during the high physical demands of your sport. You may also receive advice on your limitations at different times whilst gradually returning to training and what you can work on when there are sections of a training block that you cannot currently participate in. It is important that you stick to the advice you are given during your sessions as exercise is prescribed at a specific intensity, difficulty and frequency to ensure your body recovers well and adapts optimally.

Additional Information

Depending on how recently your injury occurred and how severe it presents, you may be advised to attend hospital or seek the input of a specialist to assist diagnosis and ensure you get optimal care. Your Physiotherapist may write a letter for you to take to hospital so that the correct investigations are performed and input from the correct health professionals is received.


In some instances, surgery may be required to repair injured tissues or fix unstable structures which without intervention, could lead to significant disability and poor outcome in not just sport but everyday life. If this forms part of the plan, at Pure we can educate you on what to do prior to undergoing surgery and how to manage immediately post-operation.


Many of our Physios have supported patients in their recovery from major operations including total hip and knee replacement, knee ligament reconstruction, shoulder and knee arthroscopy, hernias and internal fixations from severe bone fractures where plates and screws are used.

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"I was referred to you via the GP on the NHS & you were able to contact me very soon, which was appreciated.
Your service was very professional, you called at the appointed time, you listened & responded. You emailed the specific exercises I need the same day. "
Sian from London
"My back is 100% better now. I can't believe how much improvement a few sessions can make. Thanks so much!!"
Laura White
"I've never know pain like Sciatica. Following a referral made by my doctor, I was seen by a really friendly physiotherapist. I can't believe the difference in 4 sessions - Many thanks."
Miss C White
"The professionalism and knowledge shown during the treatment was great. I really felt in good hands."
Mrs Wainwright

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