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New Employee: Ryan Cross

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New Employee: Ryan Cross

What is your full name?

Ryan Cross

Which clinic will you be based in?


What position have you just joined?

First contact practitioner

How did you hear about Pure?

Indeed and from a work colleague in my previous job.

What attracted you to Pure?

Working as a first contact practitioner and to make a better change for patients that are in primary care.

What was your previous role?

Senior physiotherapist/clinical governance lead.

What do you think of continuing professional development (CPD)?

Vital as CPD is important for improving a physio’s knowledge base for improving better outcomes for patients.

What is the best thing about being a physiotherapist?

Seeing a positive patient’s journey whether that is postoperatively or simply giving out advice that allows a patient to get back to normal living without pain.

Are there any areas that particularly interest you?

In regard to physiotherapy, I have an interest in pain science and lower limb tendinopathy. I have a desire to improve my knowledge base in strength and conditioning and patient management particularly with complex medical conditions.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Long-distance running, playing golf, weight training and spending quality time with my wife and two young children. I am long retired with football which is a blessing!

What is your favourite food?


What is your top tip for staying healthy?

With many different opinions from social media and health care professionals, it sometimes is hard to know what to do. Keep it simple, do something that you enjoy and what raises your heartbeat. I am a huge advocate for running even doing short distances as the health benefits are fantastic and it does not cost much other than a pair of running shoes.


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