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Bodyflow Electrotherapy

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Bodyflow Electrotherapy

What is Bodyflow?

Bodyflow is a type of electrotherapy treatment. Its settings are specialised so that only the smooth muscle is stimulated. Smooth muscle is found around the blood and lymphatic vessels so this stimulation boosts blood movement and lymphatic drainage. This is great for reducing swelling, and promoting quicker tissue recovery.


Electrode are attached to the region of the body that is in need of treatment. The device is portable and is loaned out to the patient to continue treatment daily between physiotherapy sessions. Each bodyflow treatment lasts 20 minutes. The patient will experience a mild tingling sensation in the area applied and can occasionally get a slight muscle twitch in response to treatment.

What Does it Help?

Bodyflow is effective in aiding the treatment of:

  • Lymphedema
  • Post-operative swelling & wound healing
  • Post arthroscopy
  • Prevention of DVT
  • Bruising
  • Sprains & strains
  • Swelling when traveling (flight related swelling)
  • Sports recovery & performance

Further Information

Bodyflow treatment is available at Pure Physiotherapy.


We are an authorised clinic for Bodyflow International.


Please call us to discuss further, or visit the Bodyflow website.

** Their website is currently under maintenance **




Rental is available at £40 per week.


A 4 week course is recommended post surgery.


We also provide rental to sports teams – often for during tournaments and also for the travel to & from to promote the best recovery and performance.

Appointment Enquiry

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"I was referred to you via the GP on the NHS & you were able to contact me very soon, which was appreciated.
Your service was very professional, you called at the appointed time, you listened & responded. You emailed the specific exercises I need the same day. "
Sian from London
"I was told by a previous physio that nothing could be done for my ankle problem and I would never play football again. Having received expert treatment and by following a specific programme, I have returned to 5-a-side once a week."
Mr J Arthur
"I have never had acupuncture before and I can't believe the difference it has made for my chronic back pain. I am now able to control the symptoms and have got back my normal life."
Mrs Hacker
"I've never know pain like Sciatica. Following a referral made by my doctor, I was seen by a really friendly physiotherapist. I can't believe the difference in 4 sessions - Many thanks."
Miss C White

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